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Our Services

Doing business with us goes beyond the bag of seed. We offer a variety of services including, but not limited to: nitrogen management, seed treatment, crop scouting, mapping services, yield checks, monitor calibrations and seed delivery. 

Nitrogen Management

Our nitrogen management service helps you reach your yield targets, while not over-applying nitrogen, by providing you with a custom nitrogen management plan for each acre you farm. Our industry- leading nitrogen model is powered by Pioneer’s agronomy science and analytics.

Crop Scouting

We take protecting your crop seriously. Trust in two Certified Crop Advisors utilizing drones, satellite imagery, and boots on the ground agronomy to make the right recommendations for your crop.

Yield Checks & Monitor Calibrations

You can only manage what you measure. We offer in field yield monitor calibrations and yield checks to help make sure your data is accurate all season long.

Seed Treatment

LumiGEN™ technologies protect your investment with best-in-class seed treatment. You can plant with confidence knowing your seeds and seedlings have advanced protection against pests, disease and uncertain soil conditions during the critical early growth


Mapping Services

Put your data to use. We offer data cleaning and mapping services that give you insights into each acre’s performance.

Seed Delivery

We offer seed delivery and direct pick up from our location. Choose whichever method is most efficient for your operation during the planting season.

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